Anonymous asked: "How many followers do you have?"

why is this relevant

Anonymous asked: "Who are the winners?"

the people’s post i published are the winners.

My entry;

My twitter is @HarryChapter btw my name is Melanie,

Here is my entry: HERE.


Amm my username is @thebiebergipsy

my graphics:

TUTORIAL for twitter header!

i recently made a tutorial for a twitter header. please reblog, I really want more people to see my work. here is the link please and thank you very much!

breathlessgraphics asked: "hey, im join your co-owner contest, do you receive it? if not, you can see through this blog with tag 'by-bieberlasagna' :) xx"

i already picked the winners

Anonymous asked: "Please please can u make a bg like Victoria Justice's one on twitter? If it's possible the same and without PASSIONBGS please I beg!!!!! xx"

lol.. im never removing my credit.

justwannabeloveed asked: "did you received my message for the coowner contest?:)"